Boeing Plumbing is one of the largest plumbing operations in Western Australia.

Boeing Plumbing has extensive knowledge and experience in the installation of mining camp sites. With our team of diverse and highly skilled tradesmen, Boeing Plumbing has the flexibility and resources to take on remote or regional plumbing works.

Our services include the installation of camps, installation of potable and waste water treatment and ongoing maintenance.

Recent projects undertaken:

Nammuldi Mine Site – The Pilbara Region

Boeing Plumbing commenced plumbing works to buildings offsite at Nammuldi in February 2012 and completed of all works to the camp in June 2013.


Abydos Mine Site – Port Hedland

Boeing Plumbing partnered with Fleetwood last year and commenced work at the Abydos Mine site in early December 2013. All onsite works were completed in a 6 week period; we were then invited to undertake the remaining site works and all were completed by June 2014.